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Welcome to our roundup of the CRKT Hz6, a versatile and innovative tool designed for outdoor enthusiasts and DIYers alike. This product has been gaining popularity for its unique features and outstanding performance, and we’re excited to share our findings with you. Stay tuned as we delve into the CRKT Hz6’s capabilities, highlight its key features, and provide insights on why it’s becoming a must-have for many users.

The Top 14 Best CRKT Hz6

  1. Clever Girl Fixed Blade Tactical Knife with Black Powder Coated Blade and G-10 Handle — Meet the Clever Girl: A reliable and functional tactical knife with an upswept blade, exceptional grip, and versatile carrying options — a perfect choice for those who need protection in dark CQB environments.
  2. CRKT Tueto Portable Fixed Blade Knife — The CRKT 2398 S.P.E.C. Fixed Blade, designed by Alan Folts, is a versatile and durable tool perfect for outdoor and DIY tasks.
  3. CRKT Hunt N Fisch Fixed Blade Knife — Perfect for Hunting Adventures — CRKT Hunt’N Fisch Fixed Blade Knife: A sleekly designed, high-quality blade by Larry Fischer, with a multi-colored G10 handle, perfect for efficiently harvesting your game.
  4. High-Performance Multi-Purpose Utility Knife with G10 Handle — The CRKT 4036 Razel Compact is a multi-purpose utility knife featuring superior edge retention with D2 blade steel and sharp Veff Flat Top Serrations, all wrapped in a comfortable G10 handle and discreet pocket carry sheath.
  5. Compact, Easy-to-Sharpen CRKT Minimalist Katana Knife — The CRKT Minimalist Katana delivers exceptional precision, strength, and portability in a sleek, minimalist design, perfect for adventurers and craftsmen seeking a lightweight yet versatile blade.
  6. Stylish CRKT Minimalist Fixed Blade Knife with G10 Handle — Experience the sleek and versatile CRKT Minimalist Fixed Blade Knife Black, designed with a 5.5 cm Steel Drop Point and built for ultimate grip and control.
  7. Comfortable CRKT Halfachance Parang with Black Coated Blade and Versatile Sheath — Experience the CRKT Ken Onion Halfachance Parang, an expertly designed survival parang with a football texture handle grip, a corrosion-resistant black blade finish, and a reinforced nylon sheath, perfect for adventurers seeking extreme durability.
  8. High Performance Survival Machete by CRKT — The CRKT Chanceinhell Machete combines comfort, functionality, and durability, making it the ultimate survival survival tool for avid adventurers.
  9. Tennessee Hickory Black CRKT Berserker Axe — Unleash your inner Viking with the Berserker 4.65 inch Axe, featuring a Tennessee Hickory handle in black and delivering superior performance with its bearded axe blade for ultimate splitting and slicing capabilities.
  10. Compact Multi-Bit Driver Tool with Internal Storage — Experience precision and versatility like never before with the compact and durable CRKT 9910 6 Bit Driver Tool, designed to keep you prepared for any job.
  11. Compact, Powerful CRKT 7524 Minimalist Drop Point Knife — Experience the perfect blend of portability and power with the CRKT 7524 Testy Fixed Blade, designed by Jeff Park for your everyday outdoor challenges and everyday use.
  12. Versatile CRKT Tueto Outdoor Multi-Function Knife — Experience exceptional versatility with the CRKT 2866 Catchall Fixed Blade Black, featuring a durable glass-reinforced nylon handle, secure grip, and a high carbon stainless steel blade for easy sharpening and cutting utility in any outdoor situation.
  13. CRKT Ridge Reaper: Sleek, Durable, High-Performance Fixed Blade Knife — CRKT Razel Nax Fixed Blade: A durable and multi-purpose knife with a chisel blade, resin-infused fiber handle, and protective Kydex sheath, perfect for outdoor enthusiasts and survivalists.
  14. Stylish Classic Japanese Inspired Fixed Blade Knife — The CRKT 2927 HZ6 Fixed Blade Black is a stunning replica of the Hira-Zukuri, a traditional Japanese straight sword, offering history and craftsmanship in one elegant package.

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Clever Girl Fixed Blade Tactical Knife with Black Powder Coated Blade and G-10 Handle


As a daily utility and self-defense tool, the Clever Girl fixed blade tactical knife from CRKT is a perfect companion for those who need a reliable blade in any situation. The upswept blade has a black powder coating for an edge so sharp you could shave with it, all while maintaining its signature all-black look.

In terms of handling, this knife is unparalleled. Designed by Austin McGlaun in Spring Lake Park, Minnesota, the Clever Girl was designed to be held tightly in the hand, ensuring you have control of the situation at all times. The G-10 handle provides an exceptional grip in any conditions, making it perfect for use in high-stress environments.

The included sheath is the cherry on top of this well-rounded package. Made from durable fiberglass-reinforced nylon, it’s compatible with MOLLE carry options for optimal positioning on your belt. The sheath’s design and the knife’s overall balance offer seamless, efficient deployment during critical moments.

In my personal experience, the Clever Girl has proven to be an excellent tool — both for cutting and protection. However, it does require a bit of maintenance, as the high carbon content in the blade makes it prone to rusting. On the other hand, the drawback of the sheath could make it a bit more challenging to draw the knife from its holster, depending on the user.

Despite these minor drawbacks, the Clever Girl is an outstanding tool that lives up to its reputation and price point. It’s a must-have for anyone looking for a reliable, sharp, and easy-to-handle blade that’s designed for everyday use and self-defense needs.

CRKT Tueto Portable Fixed Blade Knife


I recently came across the CRKT 2398 S. P. E. C. Fixed Blade, also known as the BM 940 destroyer, and I must say, it’s quite a versatile little tool. Designed by knifemaker Alan Folts, this portable knife is the perfect companion for camp kitchens, woodworking, and even miscellaneous tasks in the garage.

One feature I truly appreciated was its bead-blasted blade finish. It gave the knife a matte, non-reflective surface that was perfect for both indoor and outdoor use. The blade’s shape, a cleaver-like design, proved to be incredibly efficient for my tasks, with a thickness of just 0.1 inches, making it lightweight yet sturdy.

However, my experience wasn’t without its drawbacks. The sheath, made of molded polymer, was a bit on the flimsy side, causing me to feel a bit uneasy when it came to securing the knife for storage. Additionally, while the handle provided a comfortable grip, I found it to be somewhat tacky, causing minor discomfort when used for an extended period.

Despite these minor issues, the CRKT 2398 S. P. E. C. Fixed Blade proved to be a reliable and efficient tool in my daily life, making it a worthwhile investment for anyone in need of a versatile, portable knife.

CRKT Hunt N Fisch Fixed Blade Knife — Perfect for Hunting Adventures


I recently had the chance to use the CRKT Hunt’N Fisch Fixed Blade Knife, and let me tell you, it’s a game-changer for those who love to hunt and fish. With its multiple friction grooves along the spine and stylish G10 handle, it offers optimum blade control and a sense of style that makes this knife stand out. The 8Cr13MoV material of the blade ensures durability, and the satin finish adds a touch of elegance. The blade shape of drop point is perfect for a variety of tasks, and the thickness of 0.13 inches ensures strength.

When I first held this knife, I was immediately impressed by its fit and finish. The brown handle, made of G-10 material, felt comfortable and secure in my hand, making it easy to control the blade. The overall length of 7.25 inches was just right, allowing me to perform tasks with precision. The sheath, made of leather, was a nice touch, adding a touch of class to the knife.

The knife came with a high-quality sheath that I found perfect for my needs. It stayed in my fishing bag, always ready for use when needed. The knife’s size and weight were perfect for my hunting and fishing excursions. The sheath was comfortable to wear and easily accessible when needed, making this knife an ideal companion for my outdoor adventures.

While I had a great experience with this knife, I did find a couple of cons. The knife is made in China, which some might consider a drawback. Additionally, some reviewers mentioned that the blade steel could have been of better quality. However, overall, the pros far outweigh the cons, and I highly recommend this knife to anyone who appreciates high-quality, reliable hunting and fishing tools.

High-Performance Multi-Purpose Utility Knife with G10 Handle


The CRKT Razel Compact is a versatile, reliable, and durable tool that delivers the confidence you need every time. This multi-purpose utility knife has a superior performance with its D2 blade steel and excellent edge retention. Its extremely sharp Veff Flat Top Serrations make rope cutting and strap handling a breeze. With a chisel blade, it adds value as a push cutter or a scraper.

The ergonomic design boasts an exceptional grip due to its G10 handle, providing a secure hold in all weather conditions. The pocket carry feature, along with the sheath for quick deployment, makes it easily accessible when you need it. The addition of the fob, ensuring extended grip for more control, elevates convenience and functionality.

Overall, the CRKT Razel Compact is a solid, essential companion you can rely on in your daily life.

Compact, Easy-to-Sharpen CRKT Minimalist Katana Knife


I recently got my hands on the CRKT Minimalist Katana, and I must say, I’m blown away by its performance. The high-carbon stainless steel blade is a dream to sharpen, ensuring a sharp edge that lasts. The minimalist design, with its strong and visually appealing resin infused fiber handle, takes control and capability to the next level.

What really sets this katana apart is its versatility. The lightweight yet durable construction makes it perfect for both on-the-go utility tasks and around the workshop. The bead blast finish reduces reflection, adding an element of stealth when needed. The thermoplastic sheath is a great addition, providing various mounting options so you can easily attach it to your gear.

However, just like any tool, it has its drawbacks. Despite being lightweight, the Katana still feels a bit bulky compared to some other minimalist designs. Also, while the polished resin-infused fiber handle is comfortable to grip, it might not be the best choice for those who prefer a rubberized grip.

In conclusion, the CRKT Minimalist Katana is a fantastic tool for those who value compact utility and versatility. Its strong construction and sharp edge make it a reliable companion for any adventure, whether you’re on the road or in the workshop.

Stylish CRKT Minimalist Fixed Blade Knife with G10 Handle


I recently tried the CRKT Minimalist Fixed Blade Knife in black, and I must say, it’s quite the remarkable little tool. This compact fixed blade neck knife is perfect for those who want a reliable tool without the added weight and bulk of larger knives.

The black blade of this 5.5 cm long knife has a drop point design, and it’s made of 5Cr15MoV stainless steel, giving it a durable yet sharp finish. The blade is suitable for various cutting tasks, providing excellent control and precision. What sets this knife apart is its minimalistic design, which makes it comfortable to grip with its G10 black handle that features a paracord lace.

The nylon fiberglass case and loop black provide a secure way to carry your knife around your neck or in a pocket. The case is versatile and ensures that the knife stays securely in place when you’re on the go.

Using this knife, I found it to be a fantastic addition to my every day carry. Its slim profile makes it discreet and unobtrusive, yet it packs a punch when needed. With its sharp blade and comfortable grip, the CRKT Minimalist Fixed Blade Knife is a reliable and convenient tool to have on hand.

It’s worth mentioning that while the knife itself is well-designed and functional, it might not be the best choice for self-defense due to its size. However, for everyday tasks and emergency situations, it’s more than capable.

In conclusion, the CRKT Minimalist Fixed Blade Knife is a great addition to anyone’s toolkit, especially for those looking for a lightweight and durable option. Its sleek design, easy grip, and reliable construction make it a worthwhile investment, and it’s no surprise that it’s received such high praise from users.

Comfortable CRKT Halfachance Parang with Black Coated Blade and Versatile Sheath


I was out in my backyard a few days ago, trying to clear out some overgrown weeds when I stumbled upon the CRKT Ken Onion Halfachance Parang. Now, being a survival enthusiast, I was excited to give it a spin. With its 19.5-inch black corrosion-resistant blade and comfortable football texture handle grip, this survival parang seemed like a real powerhouse.

As I swung it through the thick brambles and bracken, I could feel the power and strength of this tool. Its thick carbon steel blade, coated in a durable black powder finish, was more than up to the task of hacking its way through the wild foliage that surrounded me. The fact that it was made by award-winning custom knifemaker Ken Onion only added to my confidence.

The Halfache had a pretty unique design, a ‘drop point’ one, which meant the blade was slightly curved, providing extra heft and power when cutting through woody foliage. The handle, made of polypropylene, felt comfortable and secure in my grip, even when my hands were slippery with dirt and sweat.

The only downside? The blade length wasn’t the longest I’d seen on parangs before. It was certainly short enough to carry easily in my backpack, but it meant that it wasn’t the best tool for cutting down larger trees or tackling thicker brush. Still, for the kind of work I was doing — clearing out a jungle of overgrown weeds — it was more than adequate.

Overall, the CRKT Ken Onion Halfachance Parang lived up to the hype. It was a robust, reliable tool, perfectly suited to the rough tasks of wilderness survival. Despite its flaws, I found it an essential addition to my survival kit.

High Performance Survival Machete by CRKT


There’s a machete that’s perfectly designed for its intended purpose, and it’s the CRKT Chanceinhell. I tested it out on a camping trip and it performed flawlessly-like a trusted member of my survival kit. With a thick, carbon steel blade and a black powder coat finish that’s durable in extreme environments, it’s built for tough use.

The blade is long enough for almost any task, but it’s shorter than typical Latin models, which makes it more packable and easier to handle. The handle is ergonomic and features a rubber-textured grip that makes every swing more comfortable. The sheath it comes with is just as tough as the machete itself, protecting it well when it’s not in use.

However, there was one issue I faced. The handle rivets for the cordage were not well-secured, which caused some plastic to gunk up the holes. But this didn’t affect the blade’s performance or usability. Overall, the CRKT Chanceinhell machete is a reliable and sturdy tool for any outdoor enthusiast or survivalist.

Tennessee Hickory Black CRKT Berserker Axe


The Berserker Axe, a testament to the Viking spirit, has been designed as a powerful and versatile tool for camping enthusiasts. The bearded axe blade extends to an impressive 4.65 inches, making it a formidable companion for large-swing jobs, precise slicing, and everything in between. The Tennessee Hickory handle, combined with a black finish, adds a touch of elegance and durability to the axe.

However, one must brace themselves for the challenges that come with using this axe. The user-assembled nature of the handle, while allowing for a more customizable fit, sometimes results in an uncomfortable and even dangerous experience. Furthermore, the leather sheath depicted in the product photos is notably absent in the actual package, leaving potential buyers disappointed. Despite these drawbacks, the Berserker Axe proves to be a reliable and capable tool for those who can work through its quirks.

Compact Multi-Bit Driver Tool with Internal Storage


Using the CRKT Viva Multitool every day, I’ve come to appreciate its versatility and durability. Its compact size makes it a great fit in my hand, ensuring precise control over various tasks. The magnet in the driver tip keeps bits secure, preventing them from falling out unexpectedly. The aluminum handle is both strong and lightweight, making it a pleasure to hold and use.

The Type III anodizing finish offers an attractive, durable coating that withstands daily wear and tear. However, I noticed that the handle can occasionally scratch when putting pressure on it. Overall, this 6-bit driver tool is a convenient, reliable, and practical addition to any toolkit.

Compact, Powerful CRKT 7524 Minimalist Drop Point Knife


Meet the feisty little companion that calls itself the Testy. It’s a diminutive yet deceptively capable fixed blade, designed by Jeff Park to face even the toughest of challenges. With a petite blade, the Testy packs a punch that’s more potent than it looks. I’ve found myself using it as a part of my toolkit for outdoor activities and everyday tasks, and it never disappoints.

But this tiny titan does come with the caveat that its diminutive size doesn’t mean it’s weak. It’s a testy companion, just as its name suggests, which might cause some users to be a bit more cautious with it. Despite its compactness, it has a heft to it, and the blade has a sharp edge that makes it an excellent tool for a variety of tasks.

The Testy’s design also ensures it’s comfortable and easy to use. Its handle, made from stainless steel, is simple yet sturdy, providing a reliable grip. The blade comes with a satin finish and is made of a material that’s both durable and versatile. The sheath it comes with adds to its portability, making it a convenient option for those who need a reliable tool on the go.

So, if you’re in the market for a small but mighty blade, I’d highly recommend the Testy. Its unique blend of compactness and power might just impress even the most discerning users. Just be sure to respect its fiery spirit and the responsibility that comes with wielding such a tool.

Versatile CRKT Tueto Outdoor Multi-Function Knife


The CRKT 2866 Catchall Fixed Blade Black truly lives up to its name as a versatile tool. With its Sheepsfoot blade shape and glass-reinforced nylon handle, it’s perfect for all sorts of outdoor tasks. Its satin finish gives it a modern appearance, while its contoured grip offers exceptional control.

This knife is truly an outdoor must-have and an excellent choice for any adventurer, with the added bonus of being both strong and lightweight, making it even more convenient to carry along on your trips. My only minor complaint is that the grip could use a bit more texture for a more secure hold.

Overall, the Catchall Fixed Blade Black is a fantastic tool that’s definitely worth its price.

CRKT Ridge Reaper: Sleek, Durable, High-Performance Fixed Blade Knife


Introducing the CRKT 2014 Razel Nax, a versatile fixed blade knife that has become a trusted tool in my everyday life. The 4.29-inch chisel blade, crafted from 1075 high carbon steel, has proven to be both durable and reliable.

The black stonewash finish adds a rugged touch, while the rich brown resin-infused fiber handle provides a comfortable grip. One feature I particularly appreciate is the Kydex sheath, which protects the knife and features durable mounting options. After using the Razel Nax for several months, I can confidently say that its multi-purpose utility and strong visual appeal make it a must-have in any outdoorsman’s arsenal.

Stylish Classic Japanese Inspired Fixed Blade Knife


The CRKT HZ6 Fixed Blade Black takes inspiration from a legendary Japanese sword, blending history and modern design. The blade, reminiscent of the Hira-Zukuri style, measures 6.5 inches with a thickness of 0.21 inches, providing a balance of strength and maneuverability.

Wrapped in a powdercoat for added durability, the upswept shape makes it ideal for both survival and daily use. The handle, crafted from G-10, features a sleek black finish, further enhancing its classic design.

Complemented by a sheath made from Boltaron, this knife is an intriguing blend of ancient Japanese craftsmanship and contemporary materials.

Buyer’s Guide

Welcome to our comprehensive buyer’s guide for CRKT Hz6 products. This section is designed to provide you with valuable information about this product category, including essential features, considerations, and advice to help you make informed purchasing decisions.


What is CRKT Hz6?

CRKT Hz6 refers to a collection of pocket knives designed and manufactured by CRKT (Columbia River Knife and Tool, Inc. ). These knives are known for their durability, versatility, and innovative design. The Hz6 series typically features a mix of materials such as stainless steel, aluminum, and G10, offering users a practical and long-lasting tool for various tasks.

Important Features to Consider

When choosing a CRKT Hz6 product, consider the following features that may impact your satisfaction with the item and its performance. These features include blade material, handle material, locking mechanism, blade shape, handle size, and additional features, such as pocket clips and lanyard loops.


Handle Materials and Comfort

Handle materials are essential for comfort and control when using a pocket knife. CRKT Hz6 models often incorporate G10, aluminum, or stainless steel handles. G10 provides excellent grip and durability, while aluminum and stainless steel offer lightweight and sleek options. Ensure the handle size and shape suit your hand for optimal user experience.

Blade Material and Maintenance

The blade material of a pocket knife can greatly impact its performance and maintenance. Common blade materials include stainless steel, VG-10 (a high-performance stainless steel), and S30V (a premium stainless steel). Consider the blade’s thickness, corrosion resistance, and sharpness. Additionally, understand proper blade maintenance and sharpening techniques to ensure your CRKT Hz6 performs at its best.



What is the CRKT Hz6?

The CRKT Hz6 is a multi-tool designed by renowned knife maker Mark W. Nelson. It combines several useful tools in a sleek and compact package, making it a versatile option for various outdoor and everyday activities. The Hz6 features a 3.25-inch stainless steel blade, a can opener, bottle opener, and a variety of screwdriver tips.

The CRKT Hz6 provides great value for its price point, offering a range of features that can be easily accessed by users. The tool is also backed by CRKT’s lifetime warranty, ensuring that customers can rely on its durability and performance for years to come. Overall, the CRKT Hz6 is a practical and stylish addition to any tool collection.


What are the key features of the CRKT Hz6?

The CRKT Hz6 is a multi-tool designed for various outdoor and everyday activities. Some of its key features include a 3.25-inch stainless steel blade, a can opener, a bottle opener, and multiple screwdriver tips. The tool also has a locking mechanism to keep the blade secure when in use, ensuring user safety.

The Hz6’s lightweight design and compact size make it easy to carry and convenient to use. Its stainless steel construction ensures durability and resistance to rust, making it a reliable tool for outdoor activities. Additionally, the CRKT Hz6 comes with a lifetime warranty, providing peace of mind to its users.

How does the CRKT Hz6 hold up against other multi-tools on the market?

The CRKT Hz6 stands out among other multi-tools on the market due to its combination of practical features and sleek design. Its stainless steel blade is durable and reliable, while the variety of screwdriver tips and built-in can opener make it a versatile tool for various tasks. The Hz6’s lightweight and compact size make it easy to carry and access when needed.

Additionally, the CRKT Hz6’s lifetime warranty offers peace of mind to its users, as they know they can rely on the tool’s durability and performance for years to come. Overall, the CRKT Hz6 is a great option for those looking for a high-quality and versatile multi-tool at an affordable price point.


What is the price of the CRKT Hz6?

The CRKT Hz6 is priced at an affordable range, making it an excellent option for those looking for a high-quality multi-tool without breaking the bank. The exact price may vary depending on the retailer and location, but customers can generally find the Hz6 within a reasonable price range compared to other multi-tools on the market.

Considering the Hz6’s range of features, durable stainless steel construction, and lifetime warranty, the tool offers great value for its price point. Customers can expect to get a reliable and versatile tool that can handle a variety of tasks without breaking the bank with the CRKT Hz6 multi-tool.

Is the CRKT Hz6 safe to use?

The CRKT Hz6 is designed with user safety in mind. It features a locking mechanism that keeps the blade secure when in use, preventing accidental injuries. The tool is also made from high-quality stainless steel, ensuring durability and resistance to rust. This makes the Hz6 a reliable and safe choice for various outdoor and everyday activities.

Furthermore, the CRKT Hz6 comes with a lifetime warranty, providing customers with the assurance that the tool will perform reliably over time. Overall, the CRKT Hz6 is a safe and reliable multi-tool that you can trust to tackle various tasks with ease and confidence.

What is the warranty on the CRKT Hz6?

The CRKT Hz6 comes with a lifetime warranty, which covers manufacturing defects and provides customers with peace of mind when using the tool. The warranty ensures that the Hz6 is built to last and can handle various tasks without breaking down or failing. If any issues arise, customers can contact CRKT’s customer service for assistance and support.

The lifetime warranty not only demonstrates CRKT’s confidence in the Hz6’s durability and performance but also highlights their commitment to customer satisfaction. With the CRKT Hz6, customers can expect a reliable and versatile multi-tool that they can trust to serve them well for years to come.